Показват се публикации от Юли, 2020

My experience with audio books/Моят опит с аудио книгите

Picture  Hi, readers! Today I decided to write about my experience with audio books. I've planned writing this publication for a few months, but because of my schedule - studying, reading books, most of all because I'm a lazy person, there is no point in lying, I've been procrastinating with it.  I think that the benefits that audio books give us are clear. They are probably the easiest way to learn some kind of information. That's why I've decided to share with you my personal experience with it. I'll try to present it in the most short, meaningful and useful way I can. Again, I write about my own experience. I'm going to share with you what I think is useful:  - what I think about audio books - 3 books I've listened and recommend - 3 apps I've used/'m using Until the beginning of 2020 I had some unsuccessful attempts trying to listen to audio books in English. I think that they were unsuccessful because I had a negative opinion about this forma